Welcome to New Horizons Elementary School, where teachers and parents come together to create a nurturing and engaging environment.  Our dedicated staff is highly qualified and actively involve their students in a structured classroom that provides stability and direction to our students, giving them the tools they need to grow up to become confident, successful adults.  We challenge our students and provide the direction they need to encourage them to explore their interests and continue their passions and academic accomplishments after graduation.

At NHES we have high expectations.  These expectations and consequences are articulated to students regularly to maintain a structured environment.  Our school is small, with only about 100 children between grades K-5 enrolled, but that allows our teachers to develop a working relationship with their students and families.  We encourage the involvement of families through Parent Work Days, volunteering, and philanthropy projects that help to develop the NHES community.

At New Horizons Elementary we strive to go above and beyond our curriculum to create an engaging and academically challenging atmosphere where children are encouraged to explore and thrive.  We offer interdisciplinary instruction and brain-based learning strategies that are tailored to each child’s individual talents and needs.  We strive to ensure that every child realizes their full potential and grows up to be a lifelong learner and leader.

Graduates of New Horizons Elementary School are independent thinkers who show true strength of character.  They are intellectually confident, goal orientated, and motivated to learn and pursue their interests.  Our students learn values and respect and go on to continue reflecting those values in their adult lives.

If you think your child is ready to become a part of the New Horizons family, we offer Open House dates every October and January, or you can call us at (910) 392-5209 to schedule a tour.



  • February 12 Staff Work Day – School CLOSED
  • February 15 Presidents’ Day – School CLOSED
  • March 12  Parent Work Day – 7:30-10:30 am
  • March 18  Early Release – 11:30 am
  • March 21-28  Spring Break – School CLOSED

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