From the Director

img_7563Dear Prospective Family,

Welcome and thank you for your interest in New Horizons Elementary School.  As parents and educators, we at New Horizons appreciate the level of thought and consideration that goes into choosing the best path for your child’s education.  Similarly, we recognize the investment a family makes when it commits to that ideal school. Please allow me this opportunity, on behalf of our faculty and staff, to share with you why we know New Horizons to be such a special place for children to learn and grow.  A place that you can confidently entrust your child’s education to, knowing that we wholeheartedly welcome and accept the great responsibility that you bestow upon us when you choose to join our New Horizons family.

New Horizons Elementary School is a tight knit learning community that has nurtured personal achievement and development in our area’s children for over 30 years.  At New Horizons, we fully believe that elementary school is a highly formative time in every child’s life when the foundations for academic and developmental growth are being set.  As such, our founding educational philosophy has always been strongly rooted in a whole child approach.  Faculty, staff, parents, and students work together to create the best learning environment possible for each individual child.  Everyday our goal is to further develop New Horizons students socially, emotionally, and ethically all while consistently striving for academic excellence.  Engaging, interactive lessons, inquiry-based projects, and technology are infused into a curriculum that promotes critical thinking, learning, mindfulness, and leadership.  Our small size ensures personal attention for every student allowing them to be recognized for their unique gifts, talents, and learning styles.  In doing so, we feel we are truly laying the stepping stones for our students to become successful, confident citizens both within and beyond the classroom.

As you review this site and learn more about our school, we would be happy to answer any questions that may arise.  Please feel free to contact us at (910) 392-5209 or  We hope to have an opportunity to be a part of your child’s educational journey and to welcome your family into ours.


Donna Clark
Director, New Horizons Elementary School


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