No Nuts or Tree Nuts Policy

At New Horizons Elementary School we work together to create a learning environment that is as safe as possible. Because of this we have adopted a no nuts and no tree nuts policy in order to protect our students with this life-threatening allergy.

Please refrain from sending your child to school with any food items that contain nuts and/or tree nut ingredients. This also includes foods that “may contain traces” of tree nuts, peanuts, or peanut by-products. Please read the labels on your child’s food carefully; some common food items that may contain these ingredients or nut by-products are macaroons, hard granola bars, trail mixes, cereals, protein bars, and certain bakery items.

We understand that this policy can present an inconvenience for some families, but some of our students at NHES are highly allergic and can get a reaction from even trace amounts of these substances. These reactions can be fatal, and while New Horizons does have emergency plans in place should an allergic reaction occur, it is better for everyone if such incidents could be avoided completely.

We believe in working together to create a better place for everyone. Thank you for respecting this policy and contributing to the safety of our students.

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