Our Philosophy


To provide an academically challenging, developmentally appropriate learning environment that prepares our students to be critical thinkers, proactive problem solvers, and self-confident leaders within the classroom and beyond. To instill in our students an appreciation of community and to emphasize the value of showing respect and consideration for the rights, feelings, and property of others.

Who We Are

New Horizons Elementary School was founded on the principles of teaching through a whole child approach and as such, strongly believes in the pursuit of academic excellence, while also recognizing the important role of character development in early childhood education. We celebrate our students’ individuality and encourage them to embrace not only their own unique attributes but those of others as well. Promoting kindness, respect, tolerance, and citizenship are of utmost importance as we provide an encouraging environment that challenges students to reach their academic goals. New Horizons is a tight knit community where students, parents, faculty, and staff all work together to create the best learning environment for all of our students to achieve and grow.

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